After America won its freedom from England, King George III was required to sign over his sovereign rights to his American Colonies and his subjects there. Usually when one kingdom defeated another, the defeated king would assign his lands and subjects to the victor king. 

But Benjamin Franklin had him sign his sovereign rights over to the American people - i.e.  to all individual Americans.

Franklin reported back to the American people that

"I've made you all kings"

He understood, that free people don't live at the behest of any  king, government, or any thing.

Free people are sovereign over their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government's only task is to secure those inalienable rights to its citizens.



But Franklin also warned Americans,

"If you give up rights for security, you'll have - and deserve - neither"


He - and the other founding fathers - recognized how your rights can be lost to government: through excess security and other benefits at the expense of individual rights and self-determinations... And so it has happened!


Governments only grow larger and more controlling - taxing more and depriving more inalienable rights - while seducing citizens with benefits and safety - and of course the propaganda to justify themselves and actions.


Now, all countries, including the U.S., have achieved overbearing and destructive control of most all their citizens. Their globalizations policies assure cooperation by governments so each can control and tax their own citizens.


Most citizens are unaware that their fundamental rights designed to protect themselves, their families and their property from government control, confiscation, and perversion are of little and diminishing use now . In large measure, our government has now...

'made us all slaves to their whim.'

Learn to regain your rights and freedoms:

Become the Sovereign citizens that Franklin and the founding fathers of America envisioned for us. But, now, become Sovereign citizens of the world.