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The articles address issues that show that feminism's claim to equal opportunity is a cover for special treatment or privilege for women at the malicious deprivation of rights and duties to men and fathers. This reveals the fraud that state-imposed feminism produces.  These articles also address typical coverup examples of the true facts that the feminist-Politically Correct advocates engage in. See what's relevant for you.

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Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’
Communism and Nazism are two of the tyrannical ‘isms’ that produced untold misery and death in the first half of the 20th century. Their propaganda seduced countless millions into their control. But more ‘isms’ of tyranny are now forming. If we don’t recognize their common elements we’ll succumb to them again – as we are doing. Here’s how to recognize them…read more

EO Means Engineering Outcomes Under Feminism's Marxist Mentality 
Freedom based on securing the unalienable rights of each of us was why the U.S. was formed. But perverting those rights for an alleged greater good excuse shows feminism's Marxist mentality. Feminism’s perversion of equal opportunity into government-imposed engineered outcomes denies rights and opportunity of men and destroys freedom which is the real source of abundant opportunity for all...read more

‘Feminist Jurisprudence’ Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology
Feminist ideology demands re-engineering society to prevent men from (allegedly) dominating women. Its perverted view attributes almost every interaction between men and women as a form of male privilege victimizing women. Like every tyrannical ideology, it advocates any means including perverting justice to justify its end - however grotesque such a perverted view’s end would be...read more

Feminists Use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Impose Their Tyrannical ‘Abuse of Women’ Policies on Fathers Worldwide
Many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) seek to protect human rights around the world. But hiding under ‘women’s rights’, feminists hijack many of these NGOs to use their political clout to impose feminists’ tyrannical policies that deny fundamental and protective rights of fathers all in the name of ‘ending abuse of women’. It’s a way for feminists to reform a country’s society into the fatherless and mother-based families they’ve fostered in the West...read more

Radical Feminism Is the Result of Imposing ‘State Feminism’
I often hear that radical feminists are perverting the laws in favor of women while undermining the rights of men and essential fairness in law. This reveals the misunderstanding that many men and women have about what both feminism and its state implementation means – and what freedom means. This article addresses these misunderstandings...read more

State-Imposed Feminism Needs To Vilify Fathers for Control of Family
‘Domestic Violence’ is the Orwellian phrase for justifying women-favored family court outcomes that ignore the rights of fathers while enslaving them to the mother and the state. So what does such a phrase engender to those ‘in the know’? ...read more

Ensuring Equal Opportunity Initiated State-Imposed Feminist Tyranny
When people think of feminism, most think of equal opportunity for women. It’s simply an idea and, perhaps, a goal for some. But when feminists pushed to force equal opportunity on society they initiated a state tyranny that transforms society in their image and undermines equal opportunity and freedom. Here’s why… read more

The Feminist Mindset Ensures an Invidious and Sexist State-Imposed Tyranny
Feminist ideology demands state-impose women-advantaged outcomes throughout society. Its propagandized excuse for this is that men's natural oppression of women and women's easy victimization prevents the state's obligation to secure our unalienable rights and their protections for everyone from allowing women to become empowered. Of course feminism's propaganda omits that state-imposed empowerment denies the fundamental rights (and protections) of men. That’s the fraud that state-imposed feminism represents....read more

Feminist-Controlled Family Court Laws and Procedures Give Women Incentive to Divorce
I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m a fit parent. So will I be able to parent and directly care for my children after a divorce or paternity suit?  Yes, if you’re a mother; just sit tight and insinuate misgivings about the father. No, if you’re a father; you get the run-around so it’s not obvious that you won’t, nor why you won’. Here’s why...read more

CEDAW’s Imposition on Member States Is Part of the Feminist Fraud
CEDAW, the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, is a human rights treaty for women adopted by the United Nations. It espouses equality and non-discrimination based on sex and requires UN member states to adjust their laws to abide by it. The fraud is that whatever laws discriminates against men but favors women is OK with them. Here’s a typical example…read more

Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny against Fathers in Family Court
Fathers are being destroyed under the tyrannical feminist policies of family court. A massive state industry is based and funded on its anti-father court judgments. This article overviews the various factions in this industry and within society that help cover up this tyranny against fathers, family and freedom...read more   

Government Cover up of the Tyranny against Fathers, Families, and Freedom in Family Court 
Under divorce and paternity suits, our family courts ignore all constitutional protections and rights when they deprive fit fathers of their parental rights and then extort enormous payments from them for the mothers for whatever use they desire. Fathers are made virtual slaves of the mother and state for up to 23 years and thrown in jail if they don’t or can’t comply with the courts’ and mothers’ money demands. This article shows how this tyranny remains hidden by power, money and the feminist agenda associated with government entities...read more

Feminist ‘PC’ Media Covers-up Family Court’s Tyranny against Fathers
The unconstitutional denials of fundamental rights that fit fathers face in family court are outrageous. Fathers, their children, and, of course, freedom are being destroyed daily. The feminist-instigated politically correct (PC) media doesn’t want you to know about that. It’s not part of ‘the agenda’. So any such news is obscured, slanted or more generally ignored to enforce the PC view of how you should perceive what’s happening...read more

Media Ignores Father’s Family Court Suicide to Cover-up Government’s Feminist Tyranny against Fathers

Divorce Father, Tom Ball, 58 years old, wrote a 15 page statement before committing suicide by setting himself on fire on the steps of a New Hampshire family court. It showed how present unconstitutional policies of Family Court influenced by the Violence Against Women Act destroys fathers and hurts children and some women too - and that men should stand against this virtual war on fathers. The PC media has ignored this news, for which Tom sacrificed his life, to cover up the court injustice that affects every father and family across this country...read more

‘Father’ Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure
Feminists use pressure tactics in government and media to cover-up the injustice that fit fathers face in family courts here and around the world.  Amnesty International, a human rights organization, dropped a film in its own sponsored competition when some finalists produced a film that exposed the denial of rights fathers faced under Sweden’s family court – a film that angered feminists. Here’s what the film said… read more





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