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Managing Living Expenses Articles address issues dealing with managing debt, living expenses, saving tips, reducing costs of living, and similar themes.  For off-shore related living expenses, see Off-Shore Living articles and coffee courses.

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Some State Taxation Schemes are Better for Retirees
Reducing your tax burden is one way to reduce your living expense to make your retirement income go farther. If you’re considering moving, be aware of those states that give a break to retirees on their state income tax – and those that don’t....read more


Watch Out for Scams If You’re Going into ForeclosureIf your home is going into foreclosure, you may be set up for more financial problems if you’re able to be scammed easily. And that’s where elderly retirees become vulnerable...read more


Annually Revise Your Savings Withdrawal Rate to Maintain Your Assets
Perhaps you rely on your savings to supplement your Social Security and Pension incomes. If so, make sure you revise how much you withdraw each year to make your savings last...read more


Traveling Abroad - Here are Some Tips to Make Your Money Go Farther
One of the nice things about retirement is that you have the time to travel to those places you’ve dreamt of. And, hopefully, you’ve the money to get you there and back. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help make those travel dollars go farther....read more


Payoff Your Mortgage before Retiring to Handle Economic Downturns
Retirees can increase their peace of mind by ensuring they can weather economic downturns. Getting out of debt helps and that includes paying off your mortgage.  Here’s why…read more


Moving Out Of Your Home Can Lower Your Retirement Expenses
Starting retirement generally means the kids are no longer at home and your income is lower. So you don’t need the big house any longer and you’re looking to lower your living expenses to make your income go further. This means moving! But consider these options for moving on out…read more

Learn To Avoid Abusive Debt Collector Tactics
We all run into some debt problems at one time or another in our lifetimes. But don’t let a reversal of fortune unfairly subject you to some debt collector strategies. Such debt collectors use abusive tactics that you don’t have to put up with...read more

Develop an Emergency Fund for Emergencies and Peace of Mind
Lacking cash you can easily call upon when a sizeable but unexpected emergency need for it arises typically costs us more than the cash itself.  Not having that available cash often costs us loan fees, investment losses, not to mention the daily stress of worrying about handling an unexpected financial emergency. That’s where an emergency fund comes to your rescue...read more

Reduce Your Credit Card Debt to Free Up More of Your Income
Retirement income rarely has raises. You can enhance what income you have by getting rid of unnecessary expenses that eat away at it. Credit card debt is typical for generating unnecessary expense. In fact, it’s designed to keep you in debt.  Here’s how to reduce or eliminate it for a better financial future...read more

In-Law or Accessory Apartment Can Help in Your Senior Living Options
Older retirees don’t like to sell their homes – especially, if they’re single. However, generating needed income and some help with home upkeep often forces them to tap into home equity one way or another. An ‘accessory apartment’ (aka ‘in-law suite’) may be an option to consider...read more

Create a Budget to save Fast for Retirement and Set Yourself Free
If you don’t have the savings you need for retirement, then you’ve got to buckle down and save fast. If you need to live on less, then a budget will help you do it. This article gets you going on creating a budget designed for you. ...read more

Tips To Save You Money
Reducing your living expenses allows you save more for retirement or make your current retirement income go further for what you really want. But even if income is not that tight, saving money by eliminating unnecessary expenses is a way to pay for special treats –like trips and gifts - that can brighten up retirement. Here's some tips to save money...read more

Budget to Get Out of Debt Fast
Debt is a recurring expense against your income for what you bought previously. Paying this and its interest charges is an expense that eats up current income that you could use for savings or more important alternatives. Is paying this recurring expense along with the loss of benefits from your current income really worth what you bought?  If it isn’t then you have unnecessary and debilitating debt expenses and you need to get out of it. This article shows you how...read more

Know Your Retirement Health Phases To Optimize Lifestyle Choices at Minimum Expense
Our health and activity level passes through 3 phases during retirement. And that’ll alter our living options and expenses. By recognizing this, you can modify your living expenses now to suit your wishes and happiness. I’ll outline these phases and the actions you can take to optimize your lifestyle choices by minimizing your expenses.  ...read more

Dump Unnecessary Living Expenses for a Better Retirement
Creating a retirement that’s enjoyable or satisfying involves assuring yourself a retirement income that can ‘pay your way’. And that means pay your living expenses.  Of course the less are these expenses, the less retirement income you need.    This article shows you the benefits of reducing your living expenses now and at retirement. And then it categorizes the ways to reduce your expenses so you can get started...read more


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