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    What 'Regaining Our Rights' Articles are about!
These articles discuss the issues of Fathers Rights. They try to clarify what the real issues are and expose poor issues that resolve nothing. Strategies are suggested.

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Rights - Their Origin And Your Right to Reclaim Them From Tyranny
At a time when our rights are being denied, perverted, or dismissed as nonexistent, we must recognize what our unalienable rights are and who is responsible for upholding them. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, is the founding document for the Constitution of the United States. It tells it all...read more

Fathers’ Rights Are Doomed By Advocating Within the Family Court System
The Family Court system will not allow equal rights for fathers - not now, not ever. Fathers’ Rights advocates who try to change the system from within are wasting their time. Here’s why…read more

Fathers Must Educate Themselves to Their Real Rights, The Feminist Tyranny and The War On Fatherhood
Feminists have parlayed the ‘best interests of the child’ and ‘safety of women from abuse’ excuses into a tyranny against men and fathers in the family courts. Fathers, denied all constitutional due process, stripped of their fundamental rights and children, and reduced to slaves and extorted for money, must cut through the propaganda to understand their real rights and learn to fight back...read more

How Fathers Must Rebut Feminist’s Family Court Tyranny And Its War On Fatherhood
You are at WAR. You are being exterminated. You're allowing the alienation of and damage to your children and the re-engineering of society into a malicious matriarchal form. You must stand up, publicize and overturn this tyranny against fathers. Here’s how…read more

Fathers Must Not Comply With The Feminist’s Family Court Orders And Its War On Fatherhood
The feminists’ family court tyranny - supported by the whole divorce and domestic violence industry - against fathers and their children relies on fathers complying with its rights-denying orders and the public’s belief in its propaganda against fathers. As a father, your noisy noncompliance while stating and demanding your constitutional rights will undermine this tyranny and publicly expose the maliciousness of its feminist propaganda...read more

Fathers Must Demand Clear and Unequivocal Rights
Fathers must demand their full constitutional rights which include full parental rights to directly support and care for our children as for all fit parents. This right begins at a child’s conception. The denial of fitness and resulting restriction on parenting right must comply fully with constitutional due process for restricting any fundamental right. It can only be challenged in a superior court that includes a fully informed jury of one’s peers...read more

Fathers’ Demand For Juries and Judicial Accountability
We reclaim the judicial system from the legal aristocracy which has perverted America’s judicial system by putting itself effectively above accountability to the public at all levels of the judicial process. The family courts transgress all rights of litigants; it’s virtually unaccountable at every stage of litigation... read more

Don’t Compromise With Family Court’s Tyranny Against Fathers
Compromising in any way that allows the family court structure to continue will maintain its tyranny. Never compromise with a structure that virtually guarantees tyranny over people. Tyranny feeds on such compromises....read more

Fathers’ Demand Prosecution of Family Court Judges For Violations of Fathers’ Constitutional Rights
Family court judges who violated the constitutional rights of litigants (and any other officers of the court such as lawyers who can be shown to have lied in court to the significant harm of fathers or their children) shall be prosecuted. Indictments shall be issued based on probable violations of such individuals as brought to committees of fathers designated to initiate actions against these ‘war–on–fathers’ criminals...read more

Three Demands of Fathers’ Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection to All
Our nation’s family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be made...read more

Fathers’ Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
To maintain the liberty interests of each parent, foster the preservation of family and freedom, stop rewarding women for breaking up families as they are doing presently, and dry up 95% of litigation and the divorce and domestic violence industry - which lobbies and feeds off the destruction of fathers, families, and freedom - the constitutionally acceptable decision on allocating parental rights should be the following…read more

Reject All Alternatives to the Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law)
Present family court law supported by the divorce and domestic violence industry virtually guarantees that one parent – overwhelmingly a fit father - will be disenfranchised of his children and all other of his fundamental rights while the mother is enfranchised and privileged at his – and the children’s - expense. Implementing the CEPR Law and rejecting present family court-based fixes is the only way to guarantee the equal and constitutional liberty interests of both parents...read more

What Are the Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face in Family Court
Here are the tyrannical denials of constitutional rights and malicious actions that the government – through the family court - imposes overwhelmingly on fit and decent fathers at the whim of a single judge and a mother.  Constitutional rights – which include your full parental rights and equal rights – cannot be denied without constitutional due process and a serious wrong committed or parental unfitness in the case of parental rights – proved by clear and convincing evidence. Otherwise, tyranny exists and your rights mean nothing...read more

The Futility of Redress or Repair of Family Court Tyranny
Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas urged vigilance against government threats to constitutional rights. Indeed, oppression has come upon us, specifically aimed at fathers, the family and freedom. But it’s disguised under ‘greater good’ excuses as judicial perversions for helping ‘women’s safety’ or determining ‘the best interests of the child’ all at the clear denial of the constitutional rights of fathers and other men...read more

A More Direct Confrontation Is Needed for Fathers to Regain Their Rights
Normal processes for the redress of family court’s unjust denial of constitutional rights to fathers are foreclosed by a state-based tyranny that profits and benefits its benefactors based on such denials. This forces fathers to take a more direct confrontational approach to restoring their rights for the sake of themselves, their children and freedom for all...read more

Family Court Tyranny Forces Civil Rebellion as Fathers’ Only Alternative to Regaining Their Rights and Children
Our nation’s fit fathers under divorce and paternity suits are clearly being tyrannized by our family court system that unconstitutionally denies their parental and other fundamental rights. The enormously powerful state-based divorce and domestic violence industry which depends on such rights denials and feeds off fathers and the public prevents redress and remedy of this tyranny. It forces fathers into rebellion...read more

Are Fathers Rights Advocates Part of the Problem or the Solution
Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status – i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason – they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this?..read more

Fathers Rights Advocates Undermine Awareness of the Tyranny Fathers Face in Family Court
Unfortunately, many who advocate for fathers against family court’s anti-father rulings unintentionally obscure the real tyranny that fathers face. Their pleas and actions play into complex morass that family court and its benefactors use as a smokescreen to cover its tyranny...read more

Advocating for Lower Child Support Payments Undermines Awareness of the Tyranny Fit Fathers Face
The U.S. requires the states to review their child support guidelines. Family court judges oversee hearings where anyone may give his opinion on current state child support guidelines. Fathers groups who push simply for more reasonable (lower) child support payments lend justification of a tyrannical system that controls them and, thereby, help cover up the real denial of rights they face...read more



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