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Injustice Articles address examples of injustice faced by fathers and men. These injustices generally have to do with divorce, paternity, under family court issues and restraining order, and domestic violence issues under district courts and family courts.  See what's relevant for you.

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Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agencies have exploded in power and size over the last 40 years. They are the money engine underwriting the divorce and domestic violence industry that relies on the family courts’ anti-father and unconstitutional denial of a fit father’s parental rights so as to impose almost endless and extorted payments from him. This imposed and extorted ‘obligation’ violates the 13th amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude...read more


Fathers Are Slaves Under Feminist Family Court’s Propaganda Of Responsibility
Fathers are brainwashed into the propaganda spewed by the fathers’ rights-denying family court to believe their compliance with family court orders means their taking responsibility for their children. Nothing could be further from the truth…read more

Fathers’ Rights Are Doomed By Advocating Within the Family Court System
The Family Court system will not allow equal rights for fathers - not now, not ever. Fathers’ Rights advocates who try to change the system from within are wasting their time. Here’s why…read more

Family Court’s Phony Fathers Rights Obscure Fathers’ Enslavement
It’s disgusting the way family court lawyers – even fathers’ rights lawyers – sell a father on family court’s phony fathers’ rights for their own aggrandizement. They keeping him hoping for his children while enslaving him to the tyranny that the family court system has created for profit, power, and to further the feminist agenda… read more

What Are the Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face in Family Court
Here are the tyrannical denials of constitutional rights and malicious actions that the government – through the family court - imposes overwhelmingly on fit and decent fathers at the whim of a single judge and a mother.  Constitutional rights – which include your full parental rights and equal rights – cannot be denied without constitutional due process and a serious wrong committed or parental unfitness in the case of parental rights – proved by clear and convincing evidence. Otherwise, tyranny exists and your rights mean nothing...read more

No-Fault Divorce Assigns Fault to Men Using Severe Due Process Violations
No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here’s how and why it happens...read more

The Unobscured Tyranny Fathers Face under Family Court Justice
Using unconstitutional excuses of 'best interest of the child' and 'abuse of women', family courts, and at mother’s whim, civilly rapes fit father of their rights, their children, and their property, daily. Here’s the ‘what and why’ of it unobscured by propaganda...read more

Family Court Sets Up Fathers to Lose Their Children, Rights and Future
Mothers initiate most divorce and paternity suits. Each knows the court will give her the children and a good fraction of the father’s weekly income for up to 22 years; and if married, half or more of his property. That assurance is why divorce and paternity suits, and growing fatherlessness dominate our society. It proves the family court denies fathers their constitutional rights and protections – including his right of equal protection. Here’s the set-up…read more

Naďve Fathers in Family Court Are Kept Confused and Helpless for Money
Most fathers are dragged into family court by women-filed divorce and paternity complaints. They’re not as aware as the women are about family court outcomes. Unfortunately the family court and its lawyers maintain a father’s naivety and confusion about the protection of his unalienable rights including his right to continue to parent his children for their own protection and profit...read more

Feminist-Controlled Family Court Laws and Procedures Give Women Incentive to Divorce
I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m a fit parent. So will I be able to parent and directly care for my children after a divorce or paternity suit?  Yes, if you’re a mother; just sit tight and insinuate misgivings about the father. No, if you’re a father; you get the run-around so it’s not obvious that you won’t, nor why you won’. Here’s why...read more

Feminist Jurisprudence Alienates Fathers from their Unalienable Rights
Fathers can’t believe they’re treated so badly in Family Court – like criminals – when they’ve done nothing wrong. Like each of us, they understand our fundamental rights are supposed to be protected, especially in a court. But what they don’t know is that feminist jurisprudence has infiltrated our court systems leaving their fundamental rights a distant second to the greater good excuses of a state-based judicial tyranny...read more

Father Commits Suicide on Steps of Family Court and Leaves Statement Why
Tom Ball, well over 50 years old, set himself on fire at New Hamphire’s Cheshire County Superior Courthouse June 15, 2011 and died. As a father of three children, he battled for years against what he shows to be a malicious, unconstitutional anti-father and family destructive process that family courts imposed on fathers. He sacrificed his life to introduce his 15 page statement explaining the unjust processes that fathers face, a call to fight for freedom, and his love for his children.  This article summarizes and excerpts portions of his statement... read more


‘Father’ Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure
Feminists use pressure tactics in government and media to cover-up the injustice that fit fathers face in family courts here and around the world.  Amnesty International, a human rights organization, dropped a film in its own sponsored competition when some finalists produced a film that exposed the denial of rights fathers faced under Sweden’s family court – a film that angered feminists. Here’s what the film said… read more


Unaccountability Breeds a Profitable Corruption Scheme in Family Courts
An unaccountable and self-managed legal community will necessarily evolve for its own benefit, behaviors, rules, and judgments that abridge our constitutional principles. Lord Acton’s phrase, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” is ever in operation, and no place more effectively than through the legal scam that is destroying fathers, families, and freedom in our Family Courts. Here’s why…read more

Feminist-Supported ‘Greater Good’ Excuses Deny Constitutional Rights of Fathers in Family Court
Family Court unjustly uses the ‘greater good’ excuse of ‘best interest of the child’ to override constitutional rights and protections of overwhelmingly fathers. Its setup and use of the greater good ‘abuse’ excuse, too, shows it has no interest in protecting a father’s rights but to deny him his children and extort his earnings for the best interest of the mother...read more

How Women’s ‘Abuse Excuse’ Violates Constitutional Protections and Tyrannizes Men and Fathers
Today, criminal behavior is not required in most domestic abuse cases. Heres how the feminist-instigated ‘greater good’ ‘abuse excuse allows a woman to get a restraining order against a father and much more – all without constitutional protection of his rights...read more

Feminist ‘Greater Good’ Legislation Gave Rise to the Divorce and Domestic Violence Industry
Feminist-backed ‘greater good’ legislation has produced unjust ‘excuses’ for courts to deprive fathers and other men of their constitutional rights and protections while privileging and benefiting women. This legislation has produced an enormous court order-based industry – the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI) – that funds itself through extorting fit fathers and taxpayers. It’s a parasitic cadre of benefactors...read more

Fundamental Rights Denied Fathers Who Owe Child Extortion Payments
Extortion faithfully reflects what court-ordered child support payments really mean, how they’re implemented and how they’re enforced. Children are used as pawns by the state, the courts, lawyers, and many single mothers to extort money from fit and willing fathers who firstly are denied their children and then most other fundamental rights. Here’s the scoop...read more

‘Child Support’ Is a Useful Euphemism to Extort Fit Fathers Unjustly Denied Their Children
Should everyone support his or her children? Yes. Is court-ordered ‘child support’ for supporting your children? No law requires court-ordered child support to be spent on the child. And the amount of child support ordered has no relationship to the cost of supporting a child. But using the term ‘child support’ is a useful euphemism to cover up a massive extortion scheme that harms fathers and their children, families and freedom. Here’s how...read more

Hunger Striker and Father, Bill Coleman, Fights Feminist Jurisprudence from Jail
If a women says it, that’s all that’s needed for depriving you of your rights. That’s feminist jurisprudence. Today, much of the legal system caters directly to accusations by women without regard to the protection of a ‘fair process’ for those men accused.  To simply be accused is sufficient to be denied your rights. Bill Coleman’s story typifies many cases...read more

Jailed Father, Amir Sanjari, on Hunger Strike for Justice
Dr. Amir Sanjari, a British citizen, former nuclear physicist and U.S. resident, was found guilty in the U.S. of four felony counts for failing to support his two children by a jury. He was charged with two felony C charges for owing child support in excess of $15k for 2 children, and also two felony D charges for owing less than $15k. He faces10 years in prison. Sanjari claims his case is really about judicial corruption and no constitutional protections for him to parent and directly support his children...read more

Feminist-Instigated ‘Abusive Men’ Fraud Followed the 4 Stage Progression to Government-Supported Tyranny
Overfunded government programs pervert any cause it undertakes because it produces a government-supported industry whose purpose is to grow and feed itself for power, control and money at the expense of freedom, individual rights, productivity and most especially, truth...read more


The Fathers Rights ‘Declaration of Rebellion’

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, including women, are created equal and endowed by nature's Creator with unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness...read more

Fatherless Day Fact: Government-Fostered Fatherlessness Destroys Family and Freedom
A father, by nature, is a self-sufficient character, the lynchpin upon which rests the individual freedoms of family and a nation. To subvert him is not only to destroy his position in the family but to destroy the natural family and its existence as an independent economic unit. His destruction virtually guarantees a socialistic state, and one based on feminist jurisprudence - women-privileged law that denies 'constitutional due process' for men. ...read more

What Fathers Groups Must Do and Not Do for Real Progress for Fathers Rights
‘Fathers Rights’ asserts constitutional and equal rights for both fit parents under divorce and paternity suits. But fathers continue to face unconstitutional deprivations with their children suffering. This article addresses what fathers groups must do...read more

The Family Court Abridges Constitutional Rights and Justice
Because our family courts are not setup to protect the rights of litigants but a so-called ‘higher good’, it’s ripe for distributing injustice and persecution - mostly to fathers and their children. This article explains why....read more

Family Courts Give Fathers No Protection for Their Rights and Assets – Just Tyranny
Divorce and paternity lawsuits have sky-rocketed over the last 40 years. Divorces rates are now in the 40% to 50% range. These suits produce immeasurable damage to litigants (mostly fathers), their children, their productivity, their assets and their futures...read more

Jailed Father on Hunger Strike to Protest Denial of His Parental and Other Constitutional Rights
Dr. Amir Sanjari, was divorce after a 17 year marriage. No he’s destitute and in jail. He’s a UK Citizen who was originally invited to the United States to Stony Brook University, New York for a research position... read more


Family Courts Foster Far More Harm Than Good for Parents and Families
The family court is where you go to sue for divorce or paternity issues. Most often the litigants (i.e. fathers and mothers) are fit parents. But the family court setup creates judgments or fosters settlements that do far more harm than good to litigants, their children, and their futures. ...read more


Family Courts Tyrannically Deny Fit Fathers Their Constitutional Right to Parent Their Children
Family courts routinely deny one fit parent – overwhelming the father- his parental right to raise his child. They tyrannically allege a right to deny father’s fundamental rights since they do so for ‘the best interest of the child’...read more

Fit Fathers Denied Custody of Their Children Unjustly Face Contempt and Jail
A Complaint for Contempt against a father for not paying all the child support ordered is filed by the custodial mother. This article shows that because the non-custodial father is unable to pay all court-ordered child support perhaps in addition to any state-imposed interest and penalties on the amount overdue (referred to as ‘in arrearage’) he’s subject to unjust imprisonment. ...read more


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