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Saving Fast for Retirement Articles address those slow-to-begin retirement savers who need to see how fast they can save. These articles show how much can be saved quickly and how to do it. Boomers should pay attention here if they've not saved much with their retirement years approaching fast. See what articles can help you.

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Want to Retire within 5 Years but Short on Savings?  Make a Plan…
Far too many of us are caught short when it comes to retirement savings. Often, we don’t realize it until we’re not that far from retirement – perhaps only 5 years away. Take hope: a plan can make it happen...read more

Forgo Early Retirement to Beef-Up Your Retirement Income
Economic downturns, hard times, or just poor planning can leave your dream of early retirement crippled. Take heart. By delaying retirement, you can significantly increase your projected retirement income leaving you with more enjoyment too.  Let’s see why delaying retirement can be to your benefit...read more

It’s Never Too Late to Save for Retirement – Never!
Think it’s too late to save for retirement? It’s not because every little bit can bring you more income and more opportunity. This article shows how a little savings can put you ahead of where you thought you were...read more

The Benefit of Reducing Living Expenses Vs Accumulating More Savings
When you reach retirement, you’re concern is having sufficient income to last you indefinitely. Typical sources of income are your Social Security income, pension income, and the income you can withdraw from your invested savings. But if these sources are low for in your case, this article shows that budgeting to reduce your retirement living expenses can significantly relieve your reliance on retirement income...read more

Project a Better Retirement with Only 4 or 5 Years to Go
Knowing what your retirement income and expense will be is essential to planning your retirement life. You can estimate your income and expenses under your present circumstances. If you’re not happy with the results, take some quick steps to fashion a better retirement. Here’s the process...read more

How to Plan for an Enjoyable Retirement in Less Than 5 or 10 Years
Your retirement age has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. And then you’ve got to ask yourself, ‘How can I retire?’ Perhaps you’ve got less than 5 or 10 years and haven’t been able to give it much thought – or much savings! What should you do?..read more  

Catch-up on Your Retirement Savings Even at 60
My wife and I are self-employed. We’ve raised our kids but now that we’re both 60 we have no retirement plan beyond an IRA and some savings. What can we do to save more...read more

Save Fast for Your Approaching Retirement
If you’ve reached 55 years of age, you’re fast approaching your retirement. You may be far behind on savings because of hard times, neglect, or financial catastrophe. What can you do now to create some financial security for your later years?...read more

Making Yourself Financially Independent Isn’t Lucky - It’s Planning
If you're going nowhere you won’t need a plan. But if you want to accomplish something, you'll invariably need a plan – an effective plan. Most people think becoming financially independent is a pie-in-the-sky happenstance for those with high incomes, lottery winners, and lucky investors. They’re wrong...read more


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