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Current Issues - My Comments
Here are some articles on the economy, political, and social  issues.

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Comment Articles on Current Issues

Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Agencies have exploded in power and size over the last 40 years. They are the money engine underwriting the divorce and domestic violence industry that relies on the family courts’ anti-father and unconstitutional denial of a fit father’s parental rights so as to impose almost endless and extorted payments from him. This imposed and extorted ‘obligation’ violates the 13th amendment’s prohibition of involuntary more


Fathers Are Denied Parental Rights for Profit, Power and Family Destruction
Our government’s constitutionally assigned sole function of securing the unalienable rights of its citizens has been hijacked by powerful special interest factions coupled with power hungry politicians to serve their own ends by the denial of rights to certain types of people – overwhelmingly more


Rights - Their Origin And Your Right to Reclaim Them From Tyranny
At a time when our rights are being denied, perverted, or dismissed as nonexistent, we must recognize what our unalienable rights are and who is responsible for upholding them. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, is the founding document for the Constitution of the United States. It tells it more

Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’
Communism and Nazism are two of the tyrannical ‘isms’ that produced untold misery and death in the first half of the 20th century. Their propaganda seduced countless millions into their control. But more ‘isms’ of tyranny are now forming. If we don’t recognize their common elements we’ll succumb to them again – as we are doing. Here’s how to recognize them…read more

EO Means Engineering Outcomes Under Feminism's Marxist Mentality Of Equal Opportunity 
Freedom based on securing the unalienable rights of each of us was why the U.S. was formed. But perverting those rights for an alleged greater good excuse shows feminism's Marxist mentality. Feminism’s perversion of equal opportunity into government-imposed engineered outcomes denies rights and opportunity of men and destroys freedom which is the real source of abundant opportunity for more

‘Feminist Jurisprudence’ Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology
Feminist ideology demands re-engineering society to prevent men from (allegedly) dominating women. Its perverted view attributes almost every interaction between men and women as a form of male privilege victimizing women. Like every tyrannical ideology, it advocates any means including perverting justice to justify its end - however grotesque such a perverted view’s end would more

Fathers Must Educate Themselves to Their Real Rights, The Feminist Tyranny and The War On Fatherhood
Feminists have parlayed the ‘best interests of the child’ and ‘safety of women from abuse’ excuses into a tyranny against men and fathers in the family courts. Fathers, denied all constitutional due process, stripped of their fundamental rights and children, and reduced to slaves and extorted for money, must cut through the propaganda to understand their real rights and learn to fight more

How Fathers Must Rebut Feminist’s Family Court Tyranny And Its War On Fatherhood
You are at WAR. You are being exterminated. You're allowing the alienation of and damage to your children and the re-engineering of society into a malicious matriarchal form. You must stand up, publicize and overturn this tyranny against fathers. Here’s how…read more

Fathers Must Demand Clear and Unequivocal Rights
Fathers must demand their full constitutional rights which include full parental rights to directly support and care for our children as for all fit parents. This right begins at a child’s conception. The denial of fitness and resulting restriction on parenting right must comply fully with constitutional due process for restricting any fundamental right. It can only be challenged in a superior court that includes a fully informed jury of one’s more

Fathers’ Demand For Juries and Judicial Accountability
We reclaim the judicial system from the legal aristocracy which has perverted America’s judicial system by putting itself effectively above accountability to the public at all levels of the judicial process. The family courts transgress all rights of litigants; it’s virtually unaccountable at every stage of litigation... read more

Fathers’ Demand Prosecution of Family Court Judges For Violations of Fathers’ Constitutional Rights
Family court judges who violated the constitutional rights of litigants (and any other officers of the court such as lawyers who can be shown to have lied in court to the significant harm of fathers or their children) shall be prosecuted. Indictments shall be issued based on probable violations of such individuals as brought to committees of fathers designated to initiate actions against these ‘war–on–fathers’ more

Three Demands of Fathers’ Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection to All
Our nation’s family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be more

Fathers’ Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
To maintain the liberty interests of each parent, foster the preservation of family and freedom, stop rewarding women for breaking up families as they are doing presently, and dry up 95% of litigation and the divorce and domestic violence industry - which lobbies and feeds off the destruction of fathers, families, and freedom - the constitutionally acceptable decision on allocating parental rights should be the following…read more

What Are the Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face in Family Court
Here are the tyrannical denials of constitutional rights and malicious actions that the government – through the family court - imposes overwhelmingly on fit and decent fathers at the whim of a single judge and a mother.  Constitutional rights – which include your full parental rights and equal rights – cannot be denied without constitutional due process and a serious wrong committed or parental unfitness in the case of parental rights – proved by clear and convincing evidence. Otherwise, tyranny exists and your rights mean more

The Futility of Redress or Repair of Family Court Tyranny
Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas urged vigilance against government threats to constitutional rights. Indeed, oppression has come upon us, specifically aimed at fathers, the family and freedom. But it’s disguised under ‘greater good’ excuses as judicial perversions for helping ‘women’s safety’ or determining ‘the best interests of the child’ all at the clear denial of the constitutional rights of fathers and other more

Family Court Tyranny Forces Civil Rebellion as Fathers’ Only Alternative to Regaining Their Rights and Children
Our nation’s fit fathers under divorce and paternity suits are clearly being tyrannized by our family court system that unconstitutionally denies their parental and other fundamental rights. The enormously powerful state-based divorce and domestic violence industry which depends on such rights denials and feeds off fathers and the public prevents redress and remedy of this tyranny. It forces fathers into more

Feminists Use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Impose Their Tyrannical ‘Abuse of Women’ Policies on Fathers Worldwide
Many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) seek to protect human rights around the world. But hiding under ‘women’s rights’, feminists hijack many of these NGOs to use their political clout to impose feminists’ tyrannical policies that deny fundamental and protective rights of fathers all in the name of ‘ending abuse of women’. It’s a way for feminists to reform a country’s society into the fatherless and mother-based families they’ve fostered in the more

Are Fathers Rights Advocates Part of the Problem or the Solution
Under divorce and paternity suits, a judge orders one of two fit parents into a non custodial status, while the other takes on custodial status – i.e. living with the child. Fathers are overwhelmingly targeted to be non custodial parents for operationally one reason – they are men. So, what should fathers right advocates advocate about this? more

Why Family Court is a Kangaroo Court With Predictable But Unconstitutional Outcomes
The Family Court is a kangaroo court because of its predictable and unconstitutional outcome – an outcome that deprives a father of his children, and most all his fundamental rights. It’s maintained so by the power, money, and agenda of the state-based divorce and domestic violence industry. And here are the perverted and unconstitutional characteristics that allow this to be more

Tyrannists Control Society by Phony Rights that Destroy Real Rights
Those that would force their control over people by denying them their unalienable rights do so to force their view of how society should work. Tyrannies such as communism, Nazism, and now feminism peddle phony rights to seduce supporters. The society that tyrannist goverments setup is unnatural to the human ethos. Its denial of real rights always causes increased misery as well undermining most of the phony rights and benefits it more

No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers without Due Process and without a Finding of Unfitness
No-fault divorce sets up a legal tyranny against a father because it assigns punishment to him and rewards the mother without allowing him the due process required to protect his rights. Paternity suits do much the same. Here’s how and why it more

Radical Feminism Is the Result of Imposing ‘State Feminism’
I often hear that radical feminists are perverting the laws in favor of women while undermining the rights of men and essential fairness in law. This reveals the misunderstanding that many men and women have about what both feminism and its state implementation means – and what freedom means. This article addresses these more

Ensuring Equal Opportunity Initiated State-Imposed Feminist Tyranny
When people think of feminism, most think of equal opportunity for women. It’s simply an idea and, perhaps, a goal for some. But when feminists pushed to force equal opportunity on society they initiated a state tyranny that transforms society in their image and undermines equal opportunity and freedom. Here’s why…read more

The Feminist Mindset Ensures an Invidious and Sexist State-Imposed Tyranny
Feminist ideology demands state-impose women-advantaged outcomes throughout society. Its propagandized excuse for this is that men's natural oppression of women and women's easy victimization prevents the state's obligation to secure our unalienable rights and their protections for everyone from allowing women to become empowered. Of course feminism's propaganda omits that state-imposed empowerment denies the fundamental rights (and protections) of men. That’s the fraud that state-imposed feminism more

CEDAW’s Imposition on Member States Is Part of the Feminist Fraud
CEDAW, the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, is a human rights treaty for women adopted by the United Nations. It espouses equality and non-discrimination based on sex and requires UN member states to adjust their laws to abide by it. The fraud is that whatever laws discriminates against men but favors women is OK with them. Here’s a typical example…read more

‘Father’ Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure
Feminists use pressure tactics in government and media to cover-up the injustice that fit fathers face in family courts here and around the world.  Amnesty International, a human rights organization, dropped a film in its own sponsored competition when some finalists produced a film that exposed the denial of rights fathers faced under Sweden’s family court – a film that angered feminists. Here’s what the film said…read more

Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny against Fathers in Family Court
Fathers are being destroyed under the tyrannical feminist policies of family court. A massive state industry is based and funded on its anti-father court judgments. This article overviews the various factions in this industry and within society that help cover up this tyranny against fathers, family and more

Father Commits Suicide on Steps of Family Court and Leaves Statement Why
Tom Ball, well over 50 years old, set himself on fire at New Hamphire’s Cheshire County Superior Courthouse June 15, 2011 and died. As a father of three children, he battled for years against what he shows to be a malicious, unconstitutional anti-father and family destructive process that family courts imposed on fathers. He sacrificed his life to introduce his 15 page statement explaining the unjust processes that fathers face, a call to fight for freedom, and his love for his children.  This article summarizes and excerpts portions of his more

Bad Law and Phony Rights Tread on Rightful Liberty
The U.S. was formed to secure the unalienable rights of its citizens - as stated in the Declaration of Independence – nothing more and nothing less. The Constitution with the Bill of Rights and its further Amendments mapped out some fundamental rights and their protection from government interference. So what should Americans be aware of to maintain their liberty? more

Immunity of Judicial Elites Sets the Stage for Family Court Injustice 
Judge-made judicial immunity laws along with special interest-driven judicial appointments encourage judges' arrogant and fearless implementation of violations of due process and anti-father judgments. They have, by their behavior, generated a divorced-based and fatherless society of mother-headed families supported by state-enslaved fathers. Judges are the lynchpin upon which this tyranny against fathers depends. It is they who swore to uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and of their state. It is they who solely –as judge and jury -make their nefarious judgments and rulings against fathers, families, and constitutional more

Feminist-Fostered Social Fallout of ‘Best Interest of the Child’ and ‘Safety of Women’ Excuses
Of course, these excuses are a sham. But they’re part of the feminist propaganda slogans that are used to hijack the judiciary to produce feminist family outcomes and, then, to demand that government – ultimately taxpayers and fathers – fund their wishes. So what is evolving in society from feminist jurisprudence and its social engineering police state? Here’s part of more

EP Women’s Rights Committee Demand Women’s Privileges and Benefits - Naturally 
Women representatives of the European Parliament (EP) naturally spend their time demanding privileges and benefits for single women and their children. Women’s rights have nothing to do with equal opportunity for women. They’re all about demanding benefits for irresponsible and selfish women usually at the expense of men and their fundamental rights and their more 

The ‘Rule of Law’ Promotes Liberty or Fosters Tyranny – It all Depends
Often you hear that we are ruled by laws - not by men. That implies the laws are just and protect our liberty, whereas men (and women) rule when opportunity arises to their own interests with disbenefit to others. But, of course, laws are continually created and modified by men and women to serve their interests. So, bad laws that can tyrannize some people are to be more

Women’s Rights Are Not Rights But Tyrannical Entitlements and Privileges
In a free society, ‘rights’ mean the unalienable rights referred to in America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence. Entitlements are government-supplied benefits that take from some people to give to more

Safety of Women’s ‘Abuse Excuse’ is the Greater Good That Feminazism uses to ‘Divide and Conquer’
Tyrannies take hold in society by promoting a commendable-sounding ‘greater good’. It’s the state-enforced implementation of that greater good that establishes the tyranny. Feminism-instigated promotion of the safety of women through the ‘abuse excuse’ is its ‘greater good’ that legally divides the sexes. It privileges women by denying men their constitutional rights. That’s why state-forced feminism is best characterized as feminazism for the tyranny it more

‘Child Support’ Is a Useful Euphemism to Extort Fit Fathers Unjustly Denied Their Children
Should everyone support his or her children? Yes. Is court-ordered ‘child support’ for supporting your children? No law requires court-ordered child support to be spent on the child. And the amount of child support ordered has no relationship to the cost of supporting a child. But using the term ‘child support’ is a useful euphemism to cover up a massive extortion scheme that harms fathers and their children, families and freedom. Here’s more

Will You Be Parent One, Parent Two, or, Perhaps, Parent Three?
The new passport application for minors doesn’t require the father’s and mother’s name any more; it now requires the name of parent 1 and parent 2. This ‘word garbage’ of feminist-promoted ‘correctness’ helps to destroy the heterosexual family – the basic unit of society. This nonsense hides the truth; and here it more

Father Rights Advocates Err in Trying to Seek New Laws to Protect Rights
Under our present government, a fit father is generally denied his right to parent his children under a divorce or paternity action. But the government – in the guise of the family court – then denies more of his fundamental rights while extorting money from him under the euphemism of child support for the mother’s use. No law requires this extorted money to be used for the child. What are Fathers Rights Advocates Doing Wrong? more


Great Britain Councillor Stands Against Stalinist Domestic Violence Program
A British councillor, James Williams, won’t grovel as most of the cowardly male – and female – politicians do in the face of feminist-based totalitarian and anti-men legislation. He understands what legal protections a free society owes to every citizen and has the guts to speak up against policies that clearly violate those protections. Here’s what he fighting against.... read more


Can You Recognize a Free Society from a Tyranny?
The purpose of this article is to expose the most critical issue of our time - the usurping of our constitutional rights by a feminist-based governmental tyranny. That tyranny is bent on engineering a social, cultural, and economic structural change in our society that’s in complete violation of our constitutional principles as engendered by the bill of rights, the further amendments, and the Declaration of more

Feminist Tyranny – a U.S. Export to the World
Feminist tyranny refers to government-supported procedures that clearly deny fundamental rights including constitutional due process to men and fathers under the guise of assuring a ‘greater good’.  That greater good espouses the safety of women and the best interests of the child.... read more

The U.S. Was Formed to Secure Our Inalienable Rights – But Not Any More
Our founding fathers were well aware of the transgression of rights that government can impose. As colonists, they demanded the Rights of Englishmen won some 100 years before. But England ignored them for the profits that it could extract from the more


Evidence of a Breakdown of Our Fundamental Rights Protection
Our Founding Fathers, fearful of a controlling government, arranged to make all government officials accountable, keep the branches of government separate, maintain the importance of a jury to protect litigants from bad laws and a usurping judiciary, and warned us not to trade away our freedom for any security the government offered in more


Government Intervention Into Financial Markets Caused the Economic Crisis
The recent boom and bust crisis of our financial markets is not the failure of free market capitalism. It's a result of government intervention into the financial markets. It's this intervention that prevents the free market forces from bringing markets into balance to offset the possibility of runaway booms or busts. more

Government’s Feminist Tyranny Fosters a Matriarchal and State-Run Families
Heavy government funding of feminist-based programs has lead to injecting perverse feministic demands by the state into every facet of business, education, and family law. Feminist-demanded privilege especially within family law –referred to as Feminist Jurisprudence – bypasses constitutional protections and common law maxims designed to create freedom and fairness for all. more

Global Warming Fraud Reflects Too Much Government Money and Power
One insidious aspect of huge government is its ability to so overwhelmingly fund a cause that it perverts it. The perverted cause becomes a government-supported industry whose purpose is to grow and feed itself like the rest of government. Its power, control and money grow at the expense of all we hold dear – like freedom, individual rights, productivity – but most especially, more

The Money Is Too Big for Unfair Divorce Court Setup to Change
Divorce and paternity suits are big business. That’s because family court is setup to keep incentives to divorce high for women, lawyers and a host of court-related personnel. Those incentives translate into big money. The money is big because the loss to fathers – and their children - is so more


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