Sovereign U Articles listing updated to April 5, 2014

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01/08/2013 asset protection Life Insurance and Annuity Products Play a Part in Asset Protection  
01/03/2013 asset protection Recognize What’s At Risk To Identity Theft And Signs Of Theft  
01/10/2012 asset protection Stay Alert to Prevent Identity Thieves from Stealing Your Money or Identity id, theft, identity, information
01/09/2012 asset protection State Laws May Make Some Qualified Plan Money Vulnerable to Creditors asset protection, 
01/02/2012 asset protection Use a Land Trust as an Asset Protection Device to Hide Your Real Estate land trust, trust, asset 
01/06/2011 asset protection How Does Asset Protection Differ from Estate and Financial Planning asset, planning
05/10/2009 asset protection Government Asset Protection - Too Much and None Where There Should Be asset protection
05/10/2009 asset protection Coming to Terms with Asset Protection Strategies asset protection, strategy
03/08/2009 asset protection IRAs and Qualified Plans Offer Limited Asset Protection ira, asset protection, limited
01/05/2009 asset protection Four Investments Carry ‘Government’ Asset Protection -But with Limitations  asset protection, protection from creditor, bankruptcy, 
02/03/2009 asset protection Asset Protection 101 asset protection, basic
01/11/2013 commentary Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment  
01/11/2013 commentary Fathers Are Denied Parental Rights for Profit, Power and Family Destruction  
01/08/2013 Commentary Rights - Their Origin And Your Right to Reclaim Them From Tyranny  
01/07/2013 commentary Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’  
01/06/2013 commentary EO Means Engineering Outcomes Under Feminism's Marxist Mentality   , changed terms -accepted as sya
06/04/2013 commentary ‘Feminist Jurisprudence’ Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology  
01/12/2012 commentary Fathers’ Demand For Juries and Judicial Accountability   
01/12/2012 commentary Fathers Must Demand Clear and Unequivocal Rights   
01/11/2012 Commentary Three Demands of Fathers’ Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection to All
01/11/2012 Commentary Fathers’ Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
01/10/2012 commentary The Futility of Redress or Repair of Family Court Tyranny family court, redress, repair
01/10/2012 commentary Family Court Tyranny Forces Civil Rebellion as Fathers’ Only Alternative to Regaining Their Rights and Children  rebellion, civil
01/10/2012 Commentary What Are the Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face in Family Court constitution, denial, fathers
01/09/2012 commentary Feminists Use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Impose Their Tyrannical ‘Abuse of Women’ Policies on Fathers Worldwide ngo, feminist, abuse, world 
01/07/2012 commentary Are Fathers Rights Advocates Part of the Problem or the Solution advocate, father, right, problem, solution
01/06/2012 commentary Why Family Court is a Kangaroo Court With Predictable But Unconstitutional Outcomes
01/04/2012 commentary Tyrannists Control Society by Phony Rights that Destroy Real Rights  right, phony, real, unalienable, tyranny
01/03/2012 commentary No-Fault Divorce Punishes Fathers without Due Process and without a Finding of Unfitness violation, due process
01/01/2012 commentary Radical Feminism Is the Result of Imposing ‘State Feminism’ feminism, radical, state
01/12/2011 commentary Ensuring Equal Opportunity Initiated State-Imposed Feminist Tyranny   feminist fraud, equal opportunity
01/12/2011 commentary The Feminist Mindset Ensures an Invidious andSexist State-Imposed Tyranny feminist fraud, feminazi, tyranny
01/08/2011 Commentary ‘Father’ Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure father film, amnesty, feminist
01/07/2011 Commentary Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny against Fathers in Family Court  feminist fraud, government
01/06/2011 commentary Bad Law and Phony Rights Tread on Rightful Liberty  
01/06/2011 commentary Immunity of Judicial Elites Sets the Stage for Family Court Injustice   family court, immunity, judical
08/04/2011 commentary EP Women’s Rights Committee Demand Women’s Privileges and Benefits - Naturally 
08/04/2011 commentary Feminist-Fostered Social Fallout of ‘Best Interest of the Child’ and ‘Safety of Women’ Excuses
31/01/2011 commentary Great Britain Councillor Stands Against Stalinist Domestic Violence Program Domestic Violence, policy, politician
31/01/2011 commentary Will You Be Parent One, Parent Two, or, Perhaps, Parent Three? feminist, newspeak, 
31/08/2010 commentary Feminist Tyranny – a U.S. Export to the World rights denials
18/06/2010 commentary Evidence of a Breakdown of Our Fundamental Rights Protection fundamental rights, breakdown
18/06/2010 commentary The U.S. Was Formed to Secure Our Inalienable Rights – But Not Any More formed U.S., reasons, rights,
06/02/2010 commentary Government Intervention Into Financial Markets Caused the Economic Crisis  
06/02/2010 commentary Global Warming Fraud Reflects Too Much Government Money and Power global, warming, fraud
01/06/2011 court and law basics Bad Law and Phony Rights Tread on Rightful Liberty rights, liberty, phony
16/03/2011 courts and law basics Maxims of Law Help Assure Justice - Their Absence Assures Injustice maxim, justice
16/03/2011 courts and law basics The ‘Rule of Law’ Promotes Liberty or Fosters Tyranny – It all Depends  rule, tyranny, law, 
01/04/2014 estate and gift planning Understanding Gift Taxes Basics is Essential in Estate Planning for 2014  
16/03/2011 estate and gift planning Your Probated Estate versus Federal Estate – What’s the Difference? estate, probate, 
16/03/2011 estate and gift planning What Makes Up Your Taxable Estate? estate, tax, estate tax
16/03/2011 estate and gift planning The Generation Skipping Tax - A Loophole Cover of Estate and Gift Taxes estate, tax, estate tax. Gift, skip
01/10/2012 family court injustice The Futility of Redress or Repair of Family Court Tyranny family court, redress, repair
31/01/2011 family court injustice ‘Child Support’ Is a Useful Euphemism to Extort Fit Fathers Unjustly Denied Their Children child support, fathers rights, extort
30/09/2010 family court injustice The Fathers Rights ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ fathers rights
30/09/2010 family court injustice Feminist-Instigated ‘Abusive Men’ Fraud Followed the 4 Stage Progression to Government-Supported Tyranny feminist, abuse, fraud
06/04/2013 feminism's fraud ‘Feminist Jurisprudence’ Destroys Jurisprudence To Justify Feminist Ideology  
01/07/2013 feminist fraud Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’  
01/06/2013 feminist fraud EO Means Engineering Outcomes Under Feminism's Marxist Mentality   NOT SYA -declined, changed terms -accepted as sya
01/08/2011 feminist fraud ‘Father’ Film Dropped by Amnesty International under Feminist Pressure father film, amnesty, feminist
01/07/2011 feminist fraud Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny against Fathers in Family Court  feminist fraud, government
01/09/2011 feminist fraud/Commentary CEDAW’s Imposition on Member States Is Part of the Feminist Fraud cedaw, feminist fraud
31/08/2010 fundamental law/courts Fathers Rights Means Demanding Constitutional Rights Currently Denied to Fathers fathers rights, constitutional, law
18/06/2010 fundamental law/courts The Judicial Process - Where We Confront our Rights - or the Lack of Them judicial, process, lack, due process
01/03/2014 invest know-how Choose Investments Suitable to Your Circumstance and Understanding  
01/03/2014 invest know-how Money Market Accounts, Money Market Mutual Funds, PODs and TODs  
01/01/2014 invest know-how Always Ask Yourself Five Key Questions before You Invest  
01/01/2014 invest know-how How to Buy Bonds for Steady Income and Lower Costs  
01/11/2013 invest know-how Turn Your Vacation Property into an Investment Property for More Income and Tax Breaks 
01/09/2013 invest know-how Owning is Riskier than Lending but More Rewarding   
01/09/2013 invest know-how Keeping Your Portfolio Balanced Is a Wise Hedge   
01/07/2013 invest know-how Don’t Forget Lessons You Learned From Previous Market Downturns  
01/07/2013 invest know-how Hedge Funds Can Do More Than Hedge Fund-Type Mutual Funds   
01/07/2013 invest know-how Investment Strategy Using ETFs For A Retiree  
01/07/2013 invest know-how Do Those 401(k) Fees Matter To Overall Investment Performance?  
06/04/2013 invest know-how How to Re-evaluate Your Portfolio and Put Its Performance in Perspective  
01/03/2013 invest know-how Bonds with Higher Interest Rates Come with Higher Risks  
01/03/2013 invest know-how Managing Your Retirement Income Portfolio Isn’t Rocket Science  
01/12/2012 invest know-how Average Your Way into the Markets – With The Right Investment invest,aver, 
01/12/2012 invest know-how Inflation Will Return Strongly - So Invest Accordingly invest, inflation,
01/10/2012 invest know-how What Are the Investment Advantages of Mutual Funds mutual, fund, advantage
01/09/2012 invest know-how Several Ways You Can Buy Gold for Diversifying Your Portfolio gold, invest
01/08/2012 invest know-how Allocate Your Investments More Conservatively As You Approach Retirement Age allocation, 
01/07/2012 invest know-how When Deflation Sets In, Lower Your Cost of Debt invest, deflation, debt
01/07/2012 invest know-how The U.S. Treasury’s TIPS Protect You under Both Deflation and Inflation TIPS, treasury, inflation, deflation,bond
01/06/2012 invest know-how However Complex Invest With Full Understanding Always  investing, understanding
01/06/2012 invest know-how How a Mutual Fund Works As an Investment And Its Cost to You mutual fund, know
01/04/2012 invest know-how Make Your Investments Consistent With Your Risk Tolerance invest, risk, tolerance
01/04/2012 invest know-how Use Solid Equity Investments to Offset Inflation equity, invest
01/04/2012 invest know-how If You Can Save during Retirement, Put It Where It Will Count save, extra, conservative, retire
01/02/2012 invest know-how The Dollar-to- Euro Exchange Rate Gives You an Opportunity for Profit or Protection  exchange, rate, dollar, euro
01/02/2012 invest know-how Retirees Can Do an All-Bond Portfolio for Income and Portfolio Preservation bond, portfolio, all-bond
01/12/2011 invest know-how Allocate for Purpose then Diversify to an Acceptable Risk  invest, diversify, allocate
01/11/2011 invest know-how An Ultra-Short Bond Fund Can Give You the High Income You Need bond fund, income, retirement income
01/11/2011 invest know-how Get More Income and Tax Breaks from Your Other Home  RE, IRA, invest
01/09/2011 invest know-how How to Accomplish Complete Diversification with Mutual Funds diversification, mutual funds
01/08/2011 invest know-how Investment Duration Is Essential for Investment Return Statistics to Work investing, duration, statistics
01/06/2011 invest know-how Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Offer Flexible Investment Approaches ETF, exchange, invest
01/06/2011 invest know-how Hedge Funds Are Risky for a Reason hedge, funds
08/04/2011 invest know-how Diversifying and Laddering Are Two Ways to Protect Your Retirement Income  ladder, invest, 
31/01/2011 invest know-how Laddering Helps You Maximize Your Interest-based Income over Time ladder, laddering, invest, rate
05/11/2009 investing know-how Making Yourself Financially Independent Isn’t Lucky - It’s Planning planning, independence
05/11/2009 investing know-how How Taxation Rules Your Investment Options taxation, investing, options, accounts
05/10/2009 investing know-how Earnings Are As Important As Contributions to Your Retirement Savings real estate, invest, ira, qualified plans
05/10/2009 investing know-how Real Estate Can Give You High Growth Rates at Low Risk  real estate, invest,
05/10/2009 investing know-how Owning Residential Rental Income Property Grows Your Wealth Faster and Better  real estate, invest,
04/06/2009 investing know-how Holding Time Makes Tax-advantaged Retirement Accounts Much Better Than Regular Taxable Accounts tax-deferred,
01/05/2009 investing know-how Inflation Will Eat Up More Than Half Your Income after 25 Years of Retirement – Unless You Invest Right inflation, investing, withdrawals, 
02/03/2009 investing know-how Diversify Your Assets among Different Asset Types to Preserve Your Portfolio Value diversify, asset tupes
02/03/2009 investing know-how Allocate to Achieve a Goal and Rebalance to Maintain It allocate, rebalance,
02/03/2009 investing know-how Here’s How to Withdraw Annually but Maintain Your Portfolio Value  withdrawal, rate, 
02/03/2009 investing know-how Diversify Your Holding – Choose from the Pooled Investments diversify, pooled investments
02/03/2009 investing know-how How laddering puts you into long term maturities with short term liquidity laddering, interest rates, bonds
01/06/2011 legal rights denial Root Causes of How the Family Court Came to Tyrannize Fathers and Families  tyranny, root, rights, injustice
01/06/2011 legal rights denial Immunity of Judicial Elites Sets the Stage for Family Court Injustice   family court, immunity, judical
16/03/2011 legal rights denial Women’s Rights Are Not Rights But Tyrannical Entitlements and Privileges women rights, privilege
16/03/2011 legal rights denial Safety of Women’s ‘Abuse Excuse’ is the Greater Good That Feminazism uses to ‘Divide and Conquer’  
06/12/2009 legal rights denial Government’s Feminist Tyranny Exists Denying Men Their Constitutional Due Process tyranny, feminist, due proces
06/12/2009 legal rights denial Government’s Feminist Tyranny Fosters a Matriarchal and State-Run Families tyranny, matriarch
06/12/2009 legal rights denial Exposing of Feminist Jurisprudence’s Destruction of Fathers’ Rights fathers, rights, feminist
01/04/2014 long term care Two Tax Breaks for Paying for Long Term Care of Spouse at Home  
03/04/2009 managing expenses Know Your Retirement Health Phases To Optimize Lifestyle Choices at Minimum Expense health phases, retirement, expense
01/02/2013 managing income Delaying Your Retirement Is A Way to Increase Your Retirement Income  
01/12/2012 managing income Learn To Avoid Abusive Debt Collector Tactics debt, collect, abus
01/10/2012 managing income Reduce Your Credit Card Debt to Free Up More of Your Income  credit, card, reduce, 
01/08/2012 managing income Forgo Early Retirement to Beef-Up Your Retirement Income early retirement, delay
01/08/2012 managing income Consider and Plan for All Working Options during Your Retirement Years working, retirement,
01/08/2012 managing income Ways You Can Gear Yourself Up for Working in Retirement tips, working later, retirement work
01/03/2012 managing income Know How to Choose Between a Monthly Pension and Taking a Lump Sum lumpsum, pension
01/11/2011 managing income Use High Income Investments in Your IRAs for Retirement Income IRA,, income, retirement income
01/11/2011 managing income Retirees Should Consider Investing More in Real estate  RE, IRA, invest
01/10/2011 managing income Withdraw from Taxable Accounts First and Let Tax-Deferred Accounts Compound to Best Maintain Savings
01/09/2011 managing income Failing Health during Retirement Brings You through 3 Distinct Financial Stages stages, retirement
30/10/2010 managing income How to Project Your Financial Status at Retirement financial status, projecting
30/10/2010 managing income Know Your Income Options in Retirement retirement, income
30/10/2010 managing income ‘Retirement Work’ Can Be Good For You work, retirement, retirement work
30/10/2010 managing income Retirees, Take Charge of Your Retirement Income and Expenses income, expense, retirement
18/06/2010 managing income Four Ways to Use Your Home Equity for Retirement Income home, equity, income
03/08/2009 managing income It’s Never Too Late to Create an Agreeable Retirement retirement income, expense, saving
04/06/2009 managing income A Reverse Mortgage Is a Costly Option to Use Your Home Equity reverse mortgage, cash, income
04/06/2009 managing income Withdraw Conservatively While Investing Aggressively to Preserve Your Income and Portfolio’s Purchasing Power inflation, investing, withdrawals, 
04/06/2009 managing income Keep Your Wealth Longer by Withdraw Income from Your IRA or 401(k) Only After Using Up Your Taxable Accounts retinc, withdrawal order, tax-deferrred
04/06/2009 managing income Different Tax Treatments Suggest an Order for Tapping Your Sources of Income  summary, tax-deferred, order to withdraw
02/03/2009 managing income How Does Social Security Arrive at your Monthly Benefit? full retirement age, normal retirement age, social security
02/03/2009 managing income Get Oriented to Handling Your Retirement Income and Expenses 3 pillars, percent, 
02/03/2009 managing income Consider the Real Cost of You Loan Consolidation loan, interest rates, terms, payments
02/03/2009 managing income Project a better retirement with only 4 or 5 years to go? income, expense, retirement
02/03/2009 managing income Do a Reverse Mortgage on You Home for Needed Income or Cash reverse mortgage, cash, income
02/03/2009 managing income If You’re Married, How Much Social Security Will You Get? ss FRA, married, benefits
01/09/2013 managing living expenses Traveling Abroad - Here are Some Tips to Make Your Money Go Farther  
01/09/2013 managing living expenses Annually Revise Your Savings Withdrawal Rate to Maintain Your Assets   
30/06/2010 managing living expenses Dump Unnecessary Living Expenses for a Better Retirement expenses, living expenses
30/06/2010 managing living expenses Create a Budget to save Fast for Retirement and Set Yourself Free budget, expense
30/06/2010 managing living expenses Budget to Get Out of Debt Fast debt, expense
30/06/2010 managing living expenses Tips To Save You Money tips, save, expense
06/04/2013 managing retirement expense Moving Out Of Your Home Can Lower Your Retirement Expenses  
01/04/2014 managing retirement income Why You Might Refinance Your Mortgage as You Approach Retirement  
01/04/2014 managing retirement income Paying Down Your Mortgage for RetirementPIC  
01/02/2014 managing retirement income Appraising The Alternatives To A Reverse Annuity Mortgage Is Essential  
01/02/2014 managing retirement income Make Sure Staying On Your Job Won’t Undermine Your Pension Benefits  
01/11/2013 managing retirement income An Approach to Interest-only Investing for Your Living Expenses  
01/10/2013 managing retirement income What Is Your Retirement Income Replacement Ratio?  
01/09/2013 managing retirement income Are Government Inflation Bonds called I-Bonds for You?  
01/09/2013 managing retirement income How a Spouse Can Claim Spousal Benefits Now and More Benefits Later  
01/09/2013 managing retirement income Reposition Your Income and Growth Investments to Minimize Taxation  
01/06/2013 managing retirement income Payoff Your Mortgage before Retiring to Handle Economic Downturns  
01/11/2012 managinging living expenses Develop an Emergency Fund for Emergencies and Peace of Mind emergency fund, expenses, 
30/10/2010 managinging living expenses Watch You Don’t Pay More on Loan Consolidations loan, consolidation, expense
30/06/2010 off shore living Explore Offshore Possibilities to Make Your Retirement Income Go Further offshore, foreign, expenses, index
03/04/2009 off shore living 11 Things To Consider Before Moving Off-Shore offshore, foreign, issues
18/06/2010 qualified Plan/ira Overview of Government-Regulated Retirement Savings Plans overview, Ira, qp,
18/06/2010 qualified Plan/ira What Are the Benefits to Contributing to an IRA or 401(k) Type Plans? ira, 401(k), benefits, tax
18/06/2010 qualified Plan/ira Make a Tax-based Profit on Your IRA Contribution If You’re Retiring Soon tax, ira, tax-based profit, 
06/02/2010 qualified plan/IRA Tax Efficient Strategies for Converting to a Roth IRA  conversion, ira, roth, tax
05/11/2009 qualified plan/IRA IRAs, Roths, and 401(k)s with Taxed and Untaxed Minimum Required Distributions (MRDs) ira, mrd, distribution, ira, qp
03/08/2009 qualified plan/IRA A Self-directed IRA: the Pros and Cons self-directed IRA, ira, 
01/05/2009 qualified plan/IRA 3 Strategies for Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate self-directed IRA, ira, real estate
02/03/2009 qualified plan/IRA Catch-up on Your Retirement Savings Even at 60  catchup, savings
02/03/2009 qualified plan/IRA An Overview and Choice of Ira for You – Traditional, Non-Deductible or Roth ira, roth, traditional, nondeductible
02/03/2009 qualified plan/IRA How to calculate your Minimum Required Distribution if you’re an IRA owner  RMD, owner, Ira
01/03/2014 qualified plans/IRA You Can Rollover Your IRA into a Qualified Annuity  
01/03/2014 qualified plans/IRA Use Nonworking Spouse IRA Contributions to Save Faster for Retirement  
01/03/2014 qualified plans/IRA Implications of Whom You Designate for Your IRA Beneficiary  
01/01/2014 qualified plans/IRA Maximize Your 2014 Retirement Plan Contributions If You’re Still Working  
01/11/2013 qualified plans/IRA Divide Your IRA into Separate Accounts – One for Each Beneficiary  
01/09/2013 qualified plans/IRA Florida Says ‘Inherited’ IRAs Don’t Get Protection from Creditors  
01/08/2013 qualified plans/IRA Disclaim Your Spouse’s IRA In Favor of His Or Her Secondary Beneficiary  
01/08/2013 qualified plans/IRA Watchout For Qualified Plan Penalties If You’re Laid off or Retiring After 55  
06/04/2013 qualified plans/IRA Future Tax Increases for Retirees Make a Roth IRA Better Than a Traditional IRA
01/02/2013 qualified plans/IRA Is An In-Service Rollover To An IRA Best For You?  
01/02/2013 qualified plans/IRA How Much Can You Increase Your IRA over the Next 5 or 10 years – Just from Contributions Alone?
01/12/2012 qualified plans/IRA Keep Contributing To Your Own IRA Beyond Age 70 ˝ With A Roth  ira, roth, 
01/12/2012 qualified plans/IRA Make Your IRA Withdrawal without Selling Your Depressed Stocks or Real Estate ira, inkind, distribution, mrd
01/10/2012 qualified plans/IRA Catch-up on Savings with a Solo 401(k) If You’re a One Person Business solo, 401K, simple, 
01/10/2012 qualified plans/IRA Broaden Your Investment Options with a Self-Directed IRA Plan self, directed, IRA, alternative, invest
01/09/2012 qualified plans/IRA Know the 5 Year Rule To Avoid Tax On Your Roth IRA Distributions ira, roth, rule
01/07/2012 qualified plans/IRA Take an ‘In Kind’ IRA Distribution of Depressed Equities for Future Tax Benefits ira, distribution, inkind
01/07/2012 qualified plans/IRA Different Qualified Plans Have Different Minimum Required Distributions Rules ira, distribution, different
01/04/2012 qualified plans/IRA How to Minimize Income Tax on IRA-to-Roth Conversions Roth, IRA
01/04/2012 qualified plans/IRA Keep All Your Beneficiaries Updated on All Your Accounts beneficiary, update
01/02/2012 qualified plans/IRA How to Convert an Inherited Company 401(k) Plan to a Roth IRA  Roth, conversion, company plan
01/02/2012 qualified plans/IRA Take Company Stock Out Before Moving Your 401(k) Plan Money to an IRA company stock, tax, distribution
01/01/2012 qualified plans/IRA Roll Your 401(k) into an IRA Only After Knowing the Advantages of Each ira, 401k, roll
01/11/2011 qualified plans/IRA Let Your IRA Fund Your Young Beneficiary’s Retirement ira, beneficiary, stretch ira
01/11/2011 qualified plans/IRA Should Retirees Consider Real Estate Investing With Their IRA Money  RE, IRA, invest
01/11/2011 qualified plans/IRA Use a Roth IRA If You Must Buy Real Estate Within Your IRA RE, IRA, invest
01/11/2011 qualified plans/IRA Use IRA Distributions to Buy Rental Real Estate or Your Condo  RE, IRA, invest
06/05/2011 qualified plans/IRA How to Determine Which IRA You Should Contribute To IRA, contribute, types
06/05/2011 qualified plans/IRA How Will a Retiree’s IRA Value Change While Taking Out the Minimum Each Year? ira, value, age
01/08/2013 regaining Fathers rights Rights - Their Origin And Your Right to Reclaim Them From Tyranny  
06/04/2013 regaining Fathers rights Fathers’ Rights Are Doomed By Advocating Within the Family Court System  
01/11/2012 regaining our rights Three Demands of Fathers’ Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection to All
01/11/2012 regaining our rights Fathers’ Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law) Must be Demanded
01/11/2012 regaining our rights Reject All Alternatives to the Constitutional Equal Parental Rights Law (CEPR Law)
01/10/2012 regaining our rights A More Direct Confrontation Is Needed for Fathers to Regain Their Rights fathers, rights,confront, regain
01/10/2012 regaining our rights Family Court Tyranny Forces Civil Rebellion as Fathers’ Only Alternative to Regaining Their Rights and Children  rebellion, civil
01/10/2012 regaining our rights What Are the Unconstitutional Denials That Fathers Face in Family Court constitution, denial, fathers
01/01/2012 retirement planning Answer These Questions to Help Prepare for Retirement retirement plannning, questions
01/10/2011 retirement planning Avoid Irreversible Decisions Before You Create a Good Retirement Plan irreversible, decisions, ret, plan
30/10/2010 retirement planning It’s Never Too Late to Create an Agreeable Retirement saving, retirement, plan
03/08/2009 retirement planning Questions to Answer about the Retirement Phase of Your Life retirement planning
03/08/2009 retirement planning Manage Your Retirement Income with the Critical Ages in Mind retirement planning, ages
03/08/2009 retirement planning Enjoy Retirement by Recreating a New Mental Outlook retirement planning, mental
02/03/2009 retirement planning Prepare to Grow Into Your Retirement stages of retirement, planning
02/03/2009 retirement planning Save Fast for Your Approaching Retirement catchup, savings
02/03/2009 retirement planning If you can read this, you’ll be living longer than you expect! life expectancy at 65
18/06/2010 retirement(independence) planning Use Your Motivation to Prepare for Your Retirement Work work, motivation, retirement,
01/11/2013 rights infringement denial awarenes Noncustodial Extortion Payments Violate 13th Amendment  
01/11/2013 rights infringement denial awarenes Fathers Are Denied Parental Rights for Profit, Power and Family Destruction  
30/09/2010 rights infringement denial awarenes Fathers, Know Your Inalienable Rights the U.S. Was Formed to Secure For You fathers rights, inalienable
30/09/2010 rights infringement denial awarenes Can You Recognize a Free Society from a Tyranny?  tyranny, society
01/09/2013 save fast for retirement Want to Retire within 5 Years but Short on Savings?  Make a Plan…  
18/06/2010 save fast retpln It’s Never Too Late to Save for Retirement – Never! retirement savings, save fast
18/06/2010 save fast retpln The Benefit of Reducing Living Expenses Vs Accumulating More Savings retirement, expenses, savings
18/06/2010 save fast retpln Project a Better Retirement with Only 4 or 5 Years to Go projecting retirement income, savings
06/12/2009 save fast retpln How to Plan for an Enjoyable Retirement in Less Than 5 or 10 Years  retireplan, save,fast
06/12/2009 soc sec benefits Social Security Income – When Should You Start Receiving Yours ss, start, social 
01/12/2013 social security benefits Legally Separated or Divorced Spouses Maintain Full Claim on Ex’s Benefits  
01/10/2013 social security benefits The Social Security Trade-off Is Settling For Less Early Or More Later   
01/07/2013 social security benefits Is It Worth Paying Back Early Social Security Benefits At 66 For Higher Benefit Payments?
01/12/2012 social security benefits Social Security and Medicare Payments to Citizens Living Outside the US ss, outside US, medicare
01/09/2012 social security benefits How To Apply for Social Security Online  social security, apply
01/07/2012 social security benefits Spouse’s SS Entitlement Is Reduced for Taking Her Working Benefits Early ss, social security, reduced, early, entitlement
01/10/2011 tax know how Withdraw from Taxable Accounts First and Let Tax-Deferred Accounts Compound to Best Maintain Savings
01/03/2014 tax know-how When Are Life Insurance Proceeds Taxed to Beneficiaries?  
01/02/2014 tax know-how Make Your 2014 Income And Investment Tax Rates Work For You   
01/02/2014 tax know-how Take a Tax-based Profit on Your Retirement Contribution if Your Income Drops Significantly
01/12/2013 tax know-how  2013 and 2014 Deductions and Exclusions for Your Long Term Care Insurance  
01/12/2013 tax know-how Your MAGI Determines How Much Your Social Security Is Taxed  
01/12/2013 tax know-how Some State Taxation Schemes are Better for Retirees  
01/12/2013 tax know-how Some State Taxation Schemes are Better for Retirees  
01/10/2013 tax know-how 2013 Estate Tax Provisions Retain A ‘Stepped-Up’ Basis at Death  
01/10/2013 tax know-how Minimize Exposure To The 2013 Income and Investment Tax Rates   
01/10/2013 tax know-how Watch Out for Scams If You’re Going into Foreclosure  
01/07/2013 tax know-how 2013 Estate Tax Planning Includes Trusts and Federal and State Estate Taxes  
01/06/2013 tax know-how Qualify for Medical Deduction for Using an Assisted Living Facility in 2013  
01/06/2013 tax know-how Get Non-Itemized Medical Deductions with a HSA before Medicare Eligibility  
06/04/2013 tax know-how Retirees Should Try To Deduct All Itemized Medical Expenses    
01/03/2013 tax know-how Tax Rate and Social Security Thresholds for Seniors for 2012   
01/11/2012 tax know-how How Will My Annuity Be Taxed When I Die? annuity, tax
01/11/2012 tax know-how Where Annuities Are Vulnerable to Income Taxation annuity, tax, vulnerable
01/06/2012 tax know-how What to Withdraw From and When To Maintain Your Wealth maintain wealth, tax
01/03/2012 tax know-how Foreign Earned Income Tax Exclusion for Living and Earning Income Abroad  foreign income, tax exclusion.
01/01/2012 tax know-how 2011 and 2012 Deductions and Exclusions for Your Long Term Care Insurance long term care, LTC 2011
01/01/2012 tax know-how A 1035 Exchange Offers a ‘tax free’ Way to Change Life Insurance Policies or Switch to an Annuity  1035, exchange, tax, 
31/01/2011 tax know-how Estate Tax for 2010, 2011 and 2012 Is Finally Settled estate tax, 2011
31/01/2011 tax know-how Most Tax Rates and Breaks Remain the Same for 2011 and 2012 tax rates, 2011
31/08/2010 tax know-how Estate Tax – A Moving Target estate tax
06/02/2010 tax know-how 2010 Estate Tax Alert – Retroactively Imposed is Unconstitutional  estate, tax, unconstitutional
06/12/2009 tax know-how No Stepped-Up Basis for Estate Inheritors of Those Dying in 2010  steo, basis, tax
06/12/2009 tax know-how Even Less Reason in 2010 to Withdraw From Your Tax-Deferred Accounts tax-deferred, withdraw
05/10/2009 tax know-how How Much Income Tax Are the Feds Really Taking from You? income taxation
02/03/2009 tax know-how What’s the tax basis of your gifted or inherited house? tax basis, gift house, inherited house
02/03/2009 tax know-how Your Home Carries a Huge Capital Gains Exclusion Benefit house exclusion, capital gains tax
02/03/2009 tax know-how Tax Benefits Help You Provide Your Long Term Care Through Insurance  ltc premiums deductions, tax
01/07/2013 tyrannies and frauds Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’  
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